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Modul school Nanjing

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Financial Information

Tuition fees and payment structure

The total tuition fees for all study programs are listed in the table below. 

Payment plan 

Payments must be made every semester, before the beginning of each semester. 

Every admitted student will receive an individual payment plan together with the admission documents where potential scholarships and reductions will be applied. 

Tuition fee refers to cost of classroom study only (does not include housing and some reading materials). 

Tuition fees for both spring and fall intake (in RMB):


Study programs at MSN

Per Semester (in RMB)

Per Year (in RMB)

Total (in RMB)

Dual-degree Bachelor of Business Administration 4 years




Foreign degree English Bachelor of Business Administration 3 years [not available yet]




Foreign degree English Bachelor of Science 3 years [not available yet]







There are different types of scholarships, grants and reductions having different application procedures - some are awarded solely on consideration of the original application, while others require you to submit additional material. If you are interested in being considered for a specific award, please make sure you read the instructions carefully and follow the required procedure, if applicable.  




The Chinese Government offers two types of scholarships:


  1. National Scholarship: 8,000 RMB
  2. National Encouragement Scholarship: 5,000 RMB


The university offers the following prizes:


  1. 1,600 RMB per academic year
  2. 800 RMB per academic year
  3. 500 RMB per academic year


MODUL School Nanjing offers the following incentives:


MSc Scholarship for Dean’s List Award Recipients


Students who have been named to the Dean’s List twice during their MSN undergraduate career will receive a scholarship for MU’s MSc program and only pay €11,000 tuition for the entire program (excl. Early Bird Reduction). (*The alumni grant or other MU scholarships cannot be used in conjunction with the Dean’s List MSc Scholarship.)


Dean's List award requirements:


Students must earn a minimum of 24 ECTS or more during a semester at MODUL School Nanjing. Students need a GPA of 90% or above and cannot have earned a final grade below 80% in the respective semester. Only courses at MODUL School Nanjing qualify in the GPA calculation.  Only first attempts will be counted (if a student fails a course the first time and then retakes it, it will not be taken into account).


MODUL University Alumni Grant




Applicants for a Master of Science program: €2,000


Applicants for the MBA program: €4,000


Eligibility: All applicants who graduated from a Bachelor study program at MODUL University Vienna or MODUL School Nanjing.


Application format: no application required



Undergraduate Valedictorian Award


Amount: €24,000


Eligibility: MSN Bachelor graduate applying for a MSc program at MU Vienna.


Overview: This scholarship is awarded to one student who has the highest academic record of all graduating students (from all Bachelor study programs) in a particular academic year.


Application format: no application required