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Modul school Nanjing

Academic office:Helen Yan

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Academic Services

For all study and course related information, please contact our Academic Office. The Academic Office of MSN is responsible for course planning, course scheduling, lecture rooms, course credit administration, course material, course registration and communication about study and examination issues.

The Academic Office (ACO) serves as an important link between MSN faculty and staff and the student body.  The main responsibilities of the Academic Office staff members are:

  Scheduling courses and semester planning
  Adopting and integrating the academic year calendar
  Managing academic records
  Ensuring university procedures are followed
  Providing academic counseling for students
  Managing the MSN Language Program
  Administering the course registration
  Monitoring student performance
  Awarding Dean's List certificates
  Organizing the yearly graduation ceremonies
  Feedback and complaints service point
  Quality Management

The Academic Office also manages MSN’s Online Campus, including our e-learning platform (currently in development), MOODLE, which serves as a communication platform between students and lecturers and allows to incorporate blended learning in our teaching.

Each study program has a designated program manager to advise students throughout their studies as our utmost goal is to ensure students' success at MSN. Students are welcome to visit the Academic Office to:

  Learn more about the curricula and course of studies
  Apply for a leave of absence, special consideration or credit transfers
  Request to change study programs or withdraw from the university
  Appeal university decisions
  Stay informed about consequences of repeated courses failures
  Inquire about internal scholarships and grants

Opening Hours for Students
Tuesday: 11 am-12.30 pm
Wednesday: 3 pm-5 pm

Contact: Helen Yan
WeChat: 15251852606
QQ: 284223696