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About Pujiang Campus

About Pujiang College of Nanjing University of Technology

Pujiang College of Nanjing University of Technology is a public-run school approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Board of Education in 1998. It was formally approved by the Ministry of Education in 2005 and became an independent college. Since 2013, Pujiang College has been run by Nanjing University of Technology which was selected in the first batch of national "2011 Programs" and the famous multinational group Chia Tai Group as a comprehensive strategic cooperation joint school.

The college is located in the ancient capital Nanjing. Nanjing is the provincial capital, political, economic, cultural centre and a major location of colleges and universities. After eighteen years of careful planning and construction, it now has expanded to three major bases - the Pukou Campus, Jiangning Campus and Lishui Campus. Students enrolled in 2016 will be learning in the Jiangning Campus. Jiangning is a national tourist resort area, surrounded by hills, rivers and flourishing trees. The elegant environment makes it the ideal place for students to study and live.

There are more than 9800 students in the college, 11 secondary schools and 32 undergraduate programs. It is an engineering-based, multidisciplinary coordinated, internationalised applied institution.

The college is devoted to cultivating applied, innovative and high-quality talents to meet the needs of the present-day economy and society. It is devoted to transform the college into an institution with distinctive characteristics with which provides innovative training mode to ease a smoother employment upon graduation.

School philosophy

The comprehensive strategic cooperation between the Nanjing University of Technology and Chia Tai Group targeted at the direction of applied undergraduate majors and directions. The motto of the school is “Become great because of dream, for learning one change, become successful because of action and success”. The school adopts the belief of “engineering course-based, engineering project-based and work-oriented concept of running a school, not only to meet the needs of society and but to develop highly specialised personnel who has an international vision.

Campus culture

College introduced Tai Chi, music, chess as carriers of campus culture to advocate a positive, traditional culture in the campus. These carriers encourage sports and health activities and have an emphasis on humanistic culture of the campus. The college has cooperated with Wudang Mountain Wushu Bureau to promote the Tai Chi culture in the community. This is aimed to train the fitness of the student develop students' healthy body and to balance one’s soul. Through the establishing the heritage to the students, the students can realize their potential and their own value thus contribute back back to society. College adhere to the "students-oriented" concept of development, student differences are respected. Through diverse and diverse campus activities, useful and entertaining social practices, students are trained in various abilities to meet the needs of students and promote the all-round development of students. What we are doing is not just thinking about the four years that students are in school. We think more about the impact on students after four years. Under the infiltration of an all-round development, a broad vision and a people-oriented educational concept, the students will seek virtue, seek meritorious service and seek truth from facts.

School features

College adhere to open up school-enterprise cooperation with ongoing projects to promote teaching and research. Porsche, ZTE, Oracle, Intercontinental Group, Lotus and other well-known enterprises have established close cooperation with the College. The college is committed to create integrated research and development career path and build a complete application of personnel training system.

College adhere to the students, based on the growth of students, caring for each student, create suitable for students’ own development and growth environment. The college pays attention to teaching students according to their aptitude, pays attention to the new problems and new trends in teaching and student management, absorbs the teaching management experience of similar institutions in foreign countries, and creates higher education with the characteristics of Pujiang so that students can enjoy practicing "work-oriented" education.

It is the aim of the college to broaden its international horizons and to cultivate its international capabilities. The college adheres to the scientific orientation of "based in Jiangsu, serving the whole country and facing the world" and upholds the scientific concept of "bringing in and going out". The college has established research and teaching brands with internationally renowned universities, established new energy, new materials, chess, charity and other new professional research direction, teaching services, scientific research to build cross-regional multi-regional network resources platform.

College has signed a joint training agreement to provide multi-channel opportunities for overseas exchanges with the Austrian MODUL University, Indiana University, Kasur Polytechnic Institute, Oklahoma State University, Chia Tai Management College, France Poitiers University, Spain Compton University, Korea Kyung Hee University, South Korea Foreign Affairs University and other foreign universities. The joint training agreement provide multi-channel overseas exchange opportunities and actively carry out Sino-foreign cooperation in participating schools. The college is gradually improving the internationalization of school operation, students and faculty, curricula and teaching, cooperation and exchange.