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The Era of Smart Hotel is Upcoming Comprehensively in the future



Take Off is an annual student challenge organized by Accor to draw the ideas from students all around the world. This year, the topic of the campaign is how to enhance the experience of customers through combining AI technology and hotel. The members of Hotel Fan Elite Club (HFEC) from Nanjing Tech University Pujiang Institute (NJPJI) were led to visit two hotels, which are managed by Suning Group, with two teachers, Rick Li and Marcus Tang, for experiencing the smart hotel from in-depth.

At two p.m., March 13, 2019, students and teachers of the HFEC reached Suning Novotel in Xuanwu Lake, Nanjing, and received the warm welcome from Ms. Sunny, the manager of the Training Department.

Susu is an intelligent robot used to deliver food to customers room.

After having visited the room with special theme guided by manager Mr. Guo of HR Department, and looking around the dining hall led by manager Mr. Zhu of Food and Beverage in Suning Novotel, visitors saw an intelligent robot in the lobby. Susu and Ningning are the food delivery robots, which can deliver meals precisely to specified rooms and inform the manager about its arrival. The intelligent robot like “Sus” and “Ningning” has replaced the human in many places.

Robot Susu and Ningning were created by the cooperation between Suning Group and the third-party technology company. We specified the demands of our hotel and they offered us technical support. manager Guo told visitors. Many customers who are interested in intelligent robots will choose our hotel. In the future, there are various intelligent robots appearing and performing in the hotel industry and they can have fluent conversation with humans. Sunny explained.


Intelligent robot Su Xiaoya in Suning Joyinn and Suites.

Other hotel club members visited Suning Joyinn and Suites”, which is absolutely a leader in applying AI technology to hotels in China, and its degree of sophistication is much higher than of those hotels applying some AI tools. Joyinn and Suites has several terminals, which provide customers with automatic check in and out procedures. In its lobby, there is a Star Staff robot, called “Su Xiaoya, with the ability to have pleasant conversation with visitors and also beautiful shape.

Meanwhile, there are several food delivery robots and room robots. The room robot Xiao Biu can control all electric facilities in the room. Conveniently, the assistant or manager can control all installation by speech control to Xiao Biu. Visitors were attracted to the inquiry function demonstrated by Xiao Biu.

Robot Xiao Biu has compact size and great power.

AI technology applied to our hotel are now undergoing trials, even though there are still some problems, we are convinced that the combination between AI and hotel is a necessary development trend in the hotel industry. said manager Xu, from Sales Department.

Take Off project aims at drawing attention from young generation, making them realize the necessity and significance of combining AI and hotel. Applying AI technology to hotel is definitely a trend and it will contribute to substantial changes in this promising industry.


      Taken in Suning Novotel      


Taken in Suning  Joyinn and suites

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