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FHS in Beijing

Writer:Shelley SunDate:2018.11.06




Between 10.9 to 10.12 in 2018 , I went to Beijing to attend the ‘Future Hoteliers Summit’ as one of the representatives of our school. I have gained a lot of experience to share with you.



What is FHS?

The FHS is the Asian arm of the Young Hoteliers Summit Global which is a Global nonprofit organization founded in  2010 by the Lausanne Hotel management institute in Switzerland. It is founded by the Beijing hospitality institute , it is the only designated partner of the hospitality industry youth leaders' summit in Asia, hosting the annual Asian hospitality industry youth leaders' summit. 


Beijing hospitality institute 


This school has only one major which is the hotel management, so the students can learn the very professional knowledge. At the same time, the school has a four-star hotel for teaching, which includes a banquet hall, lobby bar, western restaurant, Chinese restaurant, cafe and bar. The operation of the whole hotel is basically the responsibility of the studentsincluding employees in every position, even the chef. That's part of their course just like the internship in their hotel. What amazed me most is that the meeting was all organized by their students. More than 30 institutions attended the conference. Including the Macau University of Science and Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and many other famous schools in Asia. 



The process and content of the summit

The theme of this summit is the innovative approach of the hotel industry in the era of great accommodation. 



On the first day of this summit (10.10), 

The first Keynote Speech: [ innovation of hotel industry in the new era of accommodation – sharing space in the innovative hotel]


The first Panel Discussion : [‘How OTAs can help hotels take a sustainable path in the era of big hotels’]


 ——Guests are all the senior managers from the hotel, home stay, information technology and other industries. They expressed their opinions on whether OTAs can make more benefits for hotels in the era of big data and whether they need to have in-depth cooperation with OTAs.




The sesond keynote Speech: [the innovative approach of hotel industry in the era of big hotels -- hotel revenue management in the new format] 


——The Professor Zvi Schwartz from the university of Delaware introduced the hotel revenue management in the new industry. He proposed a systematic approach to revenue management. This paper discusses the steps of forecasting, controlling and monitoring.


——the general manager of Mandarin Oriental Hotel—Mr. Mark explained the potential impact of the brand's logo.


The second Panel Discussion :[ Foundation of hotel’s sustainable development: Focus on the service and quality]



——the general managers  from the hotel industry analyzed and discussed the sustainable development foundation of the hotel industry -- returning to quality and service origin.


There was a Gala Dinner scheduled in the evening.

The third Keynote Speech: [innovation of hotel industry in the era of great accommodation -- potential influence of brand logo]


The last part of the summit is the topic challenge.

[The topic is ‘Business Models’ What else business models do you think can be established in hotel industry? Include What? Why? Where? When? How?

Each contestant was assigned to a different group. ]

And our group designed a TCPG future hotel, which means a hotel with Technology Custom Personalized and Greenaization service.

On the last day, each group gave presentations on their own designs.



My comprehension of this summit

Through attending this conference, I got to know a lot of professionals in the hotel industry as well as students from all over the country who studied hotel management.

I learned a lot of professional knowledge from more professional people and understood the development trend of this major in the next few years. And in the future, I will seize more opportunities and challenges and enrich myself through continuous learning.


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